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White Hawk Building Information

Welcome to White Hawk HOA,

If you are looking for information about building in White Hawk, please select and review the appropriate covenant related to your lot number.

Before construction can start, please complete the:
Architectural Control
Rules & Regs for Residential Const

White Hawk HOA Application with supporting documents listed in the application.

Please note that the elevation plat / survey that are required should be a final elevation. Once all paperwork is completed and ready for to be turned in, please contact me to coordinate a drop off time.

Once the completed application and $2700.00 is received, the Architectural Review Committee along with an Architect will review the application and blueprints and a recommendation will be made to the Board. You will receive a letter authorizing construction or requesting clarification or additional information. Please allow Thirty (30) days prior to your start date.

The Architectural Review Committee will coordinate your mailbox and coachlite order and deliver from:

Brandon Industries
1601 West Wilmeth road
McKinney, Texas 75063

Phone (972) 542-3000
Fax (972) 542-1015