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This blog has been created for White Hawk Residents to post their questions pertaining to the current Covenant Amendment Proposal. The HOA Board intends on hosting a resident meeting to enhance this discussion but, do to current restrictions, has been unable to secure a date for this meeting. Please use this whiteboard to post your questions regarding the Proposal so we can begin a community conversation regarding the proposed amendments.

6 thoughts on “Resident Blog for Covenant Proposal Questions”

  1. Below is a current list of questions received from residents and the HOA Board response:

    Article 2.21 Does this include Tent rentals for parties?
    HOA Board – party tents would be allowed for 48 hours

    Article 2.23 If I typically park my car in my drive way on the weekend when I do not use it for work or I leave it in my driveway when I go on vacation for a week where it would be much safer than leaving it in the street would I be in violation of this proposal?
    HOA Board – there are no revisions for parking your car in the driveway.

    Article 2.24 By dwelling do you mean the house or the property?. Is this saying that I have to have my dog on a leash if I have him in my backyard or outside anywhere on my property?
    HOA Board – pets not allowed to run the neighborhood…can be un-leashed on residents propery

    I am very concerned about one of the new proposals. Regarding doing maintenance on vehicles park on driveways. I have a fifth wheel trailer and in order to use it there are some routine maintenance items that have to be performed. Like filling fresh water and winterizing the unit or washing it. If it can only be on the driveway for 48hrs what difference does it make what I am doing to it?
    HOA Board – 48 hour rule applies…light maintenance would be permitted – heavy mechanical work would not be permitted

    Can the covenants be voted on individually or is it an all or nothing vote?
    HOA Board – Current ballot is for approval of the current proposal

    If I own a vacant lot will I have to pay for a public walk before the lot is built on?
    HOA Board – would be nice to do this since our community is 20 years old but would revise based on responses

    I have a company work truck…will I be able to park it in my driveway
    HOA Board – would be nice if it could be garaged but if under ½ ton truck would be permitted

    Will I have to put my garbage cans in my garage except for pick up days?
    HOA board – for the good of the community, we think this should be included in the revisions

  2. Mr. Cann
    I agree with almost everything. It’s great to see the HOA move forward from more of a developers style covenants to an established community style of covenants. It shows we have a Board that cares for the longevity of the community. The only change I question is the putting the trash/rubbish receptacle in the garage. It’s trash and will stink up the garage. Would the board consider maybe changing it to being unseen. Perhaps behind some planted bushes or a small side fence?

  3. In response to the comment regarding the trash receptacles, I would also suggest that the board consider changing it to being unseen versus being kept in the garage.

    Also, I agree with the covenant proposal on sidewalks. It would be nice to have sidewalks continued throughout the whole neighborhood on every lot for the safety of those walking and kids who use them rather than forcing them out into the street.

  4. i agree with the sidewalks for continuous walking and safety. however a sidewalk installed in front of my house doesn’t do that. you would walk that ends. thanks, mike

  5. I thought I read in the proposed covenants that the annual dues increase limit would be removed. Is my understanding correct?

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